Just like us, our adorable dog pets want to play and have some fun! Giving your dog serious training is essential, and playtime is just as significant. You can incorporate fun games into training as well, but playtime should be about fun.

Fun games to play allow your dog to have some good exercise physically and mentally. It is also a brilliant way to enjoy and have a good time with your dog. After all, you and your cute dog need that bond. Great playing time with your dog is essential to prevent boredom and any potential behavioral issues that come with it.

There are some types of fun games to play with your dog. It could be indoor games or outdoor games, and many are excellent activities that your pet and children can share. You can also take advantage of these fun games to teach your dog how to play, especially with games that your dog loves. You can be creative to make playtime also an excellent time to teach some basic commands to your dog. 

Here are the ten fun games for your dog that can keep your pet busy and entertained every day. Have fun, stay connected, and enjoy training while playing with your dog.

Game 1: Fetch Game

Dogs are born with natural instincts to fetch. Other dogs are good when you teach them. Fetch games can be played anywhere you want as long as the place is safe for you and for your dog. You can play fetch with your dog indoors by using a soft toy or playing outdoors in a fenced-in area with a disc or ball. If your dog really loves to run around, you must try Chuckit! Ball Launcher. It is perfect not just for outdoor and also for indoor use. It would also benefit you from avoiding slobbery hands. 

Game 2: The Which Hand Game

If your dog hasn’t practiced some nose work before, “The Which Hand Game” is entirely a great starter game for dogs! This game has very simple mechanics, to begin with. Your one hand must hold a piece of kibble or a dog treat. Then, hold close both of your hands out towards your dog and let your pet choose which hand it’s in. If your dog chooses the right hand, give your praise and the dog treat. And, if your pet doesn’t play nicely or it only mouths and claws your hands, you need to teach your pet some primary impulse control first. After you trained them well, they are ready to play with you energetically!

Game 3: Tug-of-War

Dogs really love tug-of-war, and you can see on them that they are enjoying this good game. Tug-of-war gives them the chance to master their natural predatory instinct and to channel their strength. It is also a great exercise to wear them out. To play this game safely, make sure that your dog knows, or your pet learned a released command. Then, find a good sturdy tug toy and enjoy the tug-of-war with your dog. Always give your dog a chance to win because it boosts their confidence.

Game 4: Put Your Toys Away

This fun game gives you a great benefit after your dog learns how to clean up after themselves. It starts with making your dog pick up his toy near the box where it is normally stored. Say your command “drop it” or let your dog put the toy inside while standing over the toy box. It takes time for your dog to learn, but with patience, excellent teaching, and many treats, you’ll end up with a dog that can clean up after itself. It is a good game, and your dog will love it.

Game 5: Find the Treat or Toy

Dogs really love to sniff around to look for interesting things. Their superior sense of smell is quite useful when playing “Find the Treat or Toy” game. Allow your dog to use their brain and nose to find some hidden treats.

First, bring your dog to a different place. It could be in another room or a crate. Then, hide the treats in various locations inside the house, and make sure it is one of your pet’s favorite treats. Bring your dog to the place and tell your pet to “go find.” If your dog needs help, you can at least lead her around or point to areas for them to explore.

Game 6: The Three Cups Game

Another fun nose starter game to play with your dog is “The Three Cups Game.” First, you need 3 cups and line them in a row in front of your dog. Then, put his favorite treat under one of the cups. Your dog is watching, and give your pet the OK signal to make him choose which one is the right cup. When your dog chooses the right cup, praise him, and give the treat. Your dog will be likely to learn immediately, so you can make it more challenging by mixing the cups after you place the treat.

Game 7: Hide and Seek

Dog’s love to hide and seek, same with the kids. This enjoyable game can also allow your dog to learn “recall command.”

First, tell your dog to stay put. Then, grab one of his favorite treats, toys, or chews. Find some great places to hide and when you are ready, call your dog to come over. Squeak the toy or shake the treats so your dog can find you. Once your pet finds you, praise him or give him treats.

Game 8: Interactive Treat Games

Interactive treat games are fun to play. You can buy different varieties of interactive dog toys available on the market. These toys allow your pet to harness their problem-solving skills. You can choose from dog puzzles of varying difficulty or dog treat dispensers, etc. It is also good to make your own DIY toys by cutting holes in a water bottle or plastic containers. If you already have some, fill those toys with their favorite treats. Encourage your dog to figure out how to get the goodies out. This helps to improve your dog’s sense of smell and to satisfy his instinct to hunt. It is also a fun game that makes your dog use his brain to solve puzzles.

Game 9: Dog Sports

Is your dog super energetic and smart, but a “troublemaker?” Maybe your pet needs a hobby. If fun games and other routine exercises are not enough to satisfy your dog, perhaps it is good for them to do some dog sports. Dog sports are a great way to establish a regular basis for playtime and good exercise for your pet. Many dog sports are available out there and choose which one suits your dog.

Game 10: Learning the Names of Toys

Studies say the dogs have the same intelligence as a 2 years old kid, capable of learning 200 words. This particular game will put your dog’s brain to fair use by teaching them the names of your pet’s toys. You can start by choosing one of his toys and start naming it. Dogs value their toys, and by repeating the toy’s name while playing, your pet begins to pick up the name you are using. After many times of practice with a few toys, you can set your Dog to go and get his red ball.

What to remember:

  1. Make sure that the place where you want to play with your dog is safe.
  2. Always remember to watch your dog for signs of exhaustion or overheating when you are playing.
  3. Don’t play too much and stop if your dog seems tired, frustrated, or showing signs of anxiety or agitation.
  4. Don’t forget to bring some treats and water.
  5. Have fun and be safe!