Dogs have one negative side to them. It’s that they don’t live long enough. And for dog owners who have been through the pain of being left behind by their pet counterparts, it never gets easy. And while we can’t keep them forever, there are a few helpful ways to be by their side a little longer. Here are some tips, advice, ways to help your dog live longer!

Get the Right Breed

Taking a dog home can be loosely compared to getting married. And like a partner for life, choose one you know you’ll be able to live with. Assess your lifestyle, your schedule, and even your personality, and pick a dog breed that is compatible with you. 

Divorce is hard but divorce between humans and canines is just plain devastating and can even have deadly consequences on the dog. 

Know your Dog

Bringing a dog or a puppy home is more than just cuddles and playtime. Before purchasing or adopting, know the dog’s background. If from a breeder, don’t hesitate to ask loads of questions about pedigree, health screens, and care. If you are adopting from a rescue organization, ask about the dog’s health, vaccination status, and temperaments. 

Dog-Proof your Home

The home you’ll be bringing your puppy into can be the cause of its untimely accidents all because we’ve overlooked a minute thing. Before deciding to bring a puppy or an adult dog home, assess your place and dog-proof it as much as possible. 

This includes taking or keeping anything that dangles, sparks, or can be dangerously chewed away. Even with adult dogs. 

Know your dog’s diet

Generally, a high-quality diet with high-quality food is typically what a dog needs. However, aside from Internet research, dog food labels, or recommendations from fellow fur parents, examine your dog. A change in the food or a diet mismatch can result in dull and excessively falling or shedding hair or stomach problems. And with this, you should your dog best. 

It doesn’t matter if this dog food has a thousand five star rating on Amazon, if your dog doesn’t like it or it’s experiencing adverse effects, stop it immediately and change the menu. If you are a bit lost on what to pick next, you can always talk to the veterinarian about it. There are dog food that are made for sensitive dogs. 

Ways To Help Your Dog Live Longer

Regular Physical Exercise

Diet is essential and exercise is too! Regular exercise for your dog is a two-way street. It keeps your dog healthy and it keeps you, the dog owner, healthy as well! 

Like how it benefits people, exercise in dogs can lower stress, increase endorphins, and balance mood and emotions. It also helps the dog maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass. 

Prolonging your dog’s life means keeping them as healthy as possible and exercise is one way to do that. Walks, runs, playtime, and socialization with other fur friends can reduce stress and improve life quality. 

Regular Brain Exercise

Brain and mental stimulation is a vital key to keeping your dog happy and healthy. A bored dog might lead to depression, anxiety, and can even cause health conditions. Keep them healthy and prolong their life by giving their brain a much-needed work. Keep them busy and keep them active through training, socialization, games, and other stimulating activities.

Even if you’ve decided to adopt an older dog. They can still be trained in new tricks or taught obedience commands.  

Practice Dental Hygiene

A dog’s dental hygiene is often overlooked by some dog owners when in fact it should be given the same attention as grooming, bathing, and brushing. Poor oral conditions can lead to several dental complications, like plaque, gingivitis, and periodontal disease, a bacterial mouth infection that is linked to heart disease and organ damage in dogs. 

That is why it’s important to practice dental hygiene by brushing your dog’s teeth regularly, give them safe chew toys or dental treats, and even having the vet check on its dental conditions during annual visits. 

The Vet is King

You look at your dog and you don’t see any wrong with them. They are perfectly healthy as they have been for the past two years. But even though you know your dog the best, there are still a few things that only the vet can detect. This is why it’s important to have annual vet visits and as they grow older, we suggest going in twice a year. 

Wellness exams can provide a detailed record of your dog’s health and general checkups give your veterinarian a chance to detect early or growing problems. Remember, early detection can still be treated so this means your dog has a chance to live for more years. 

The Sad Truth: Know when to let go

The one and only worst thing about dogs is that they outlive people. While there are some dogs that live way beyond their natural lifespan, the sad truth is there is no miracle product, tip, advice or any way to keep them as we’d like. 

So when the time has come that they have to go, we let them know how happy they’ve made us and how much we love them but sparing them of their pain and letting them go.