Freeze dried treats are a great alternative to the commercially made dog treats we have at home. This is because they are healthier and more convenient. Aside from that, they are made by dehydrating the meat through the freezing process and then preserving it through the process of being freeze dried. 

Freeze dried treat does not contain any animal fats which makes them much safer to eat than those made with meat. These are the most popularly used dog treats today and have been given praises from veterinarian and pet owners alike.

What are freeze-dried dog treats made of? 

They are commonly made out of beef fat, fish fat, ground beef, turkey fat, chicken fat, coconut oil, avocado and whey protein concentrate. There are also some manufacturers that add freeze dried components like rice bran, dried fruit, vitamins and minerals and even herbs like parsley, basil, oregano, cilantro, thyme and many others.

Are freeze dried dog treats healthy?

In terms of the nutritional content, freeze dried treats are not as healthy as other alternatives. Some of them have high levels of calories and fat, while some others lack it. Some are made from vital essentials, while some are not so because ingredients like wheat gluten and lactose are harmful. There are also pros and cons that you need to know before purchasing one. When they are made from vital essentials, you know they are safe for your pet especially when considering the fact that most are organic.

For those with sensitive stomachs, there are two options. One is the purebites which are made with all natural beef byproducts. These are low in calories and carbohydrates, while still maintaining the right balance of nutrients necessary for a balanced diet. 

The second option is the basted crunch puppy which is made with lean beef and chicken breast and baked with an all natural beef flavor. Both of these varieties are calorie conscious and very low in carbohydrates, which makes them ideal for those who suffer from sensitive stomachs.

To find out how these compare to other snacks, simply read up on the different flavors. You will be able to easily figure out whether it’s better to purchase the more expensive dry dog treats or the cheaper purebite versions. The essential nutrient content should also be taken into consideration.

If you are looking for an energy boost, you will be happy to know that many premium brands provide this with the meat. Although some do not, the overall comparison will show that freeze dried dog treats are just as good if not better than their meat alternatives.

Best Freeze Dried Dog Treats

If you are just looking to shift your regular dog treats into freeze-dried dog treats then here are a few guidelines you can follow when choosing the ideal freeze-dried dog treats: 

  1. Pick brands that use humane-raise, grass-fed, cage-free, or wild-caught protein sources. They should not contain hormones or antibiotics. They should have limited ingredients and are well-packaged. 
  2. Avoid brands that has ingredients that will damage your dog’s teeth, have junk or fillers, added sugar, salt, rendered animal by-products, artificial preservatives
  3. Give priority to those sourced, manufactured, and packaged in the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or any other country with strict manufacturing and quality control guidelines. 

Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats

The Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried dog treats is the top-rated and undeniably the best out there. Dogs go crazy about them and they deliver the best nutritional value. 

Key Benefits:

  • Made with natural USDA grade non-GMO beef liver, a healthy ingredient rich in lean protein
  • Does not contain grains, soy, gluten, artificial flavors, or other additives
  • The perfect treat for training or diet toppers
  • Good for digestive health
  • A good choice for food sensitivity or allergies (if not caused by beef)
  • Picky eaters love it!
  • Well packaged and is available in different quantities (1.5 Oz. to 21 Oz.)

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PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats   

This dog treat will have your pets scrambling off the floor with its sweet and aromatic smell. It is nutritious, delectable, and filled with freshness. 

Key Benefits:

  • Only has one ingredient which is rich in protein and fats, 100% pure human-grade chicken breast sourced from the USA
  • Easy to digest and rich in nutrients
  • No preservatives added
  • The best choice for dogs on restricted diets, overweight, diabetic, suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, or any other health issue.

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Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats – Chicken Hearts

Your dogs will surely go wild with each bite of these nutrient-packed chicken hearts. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Made of a single ingredient,  hormone and antibiotic-free, single, whole pure raw, freeze-dried chicken hearts from farm-raised chicken.
  • Excellent treat for  oral, digestive and overall health
  • Guilt-free, gluten-free, and grain-free. No added fillers, grain or other artificial ingredients
  • Sources, manufactured and packaged in the USA

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Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch Grass-Fed Beef Recipe Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats

This dog treat is for dog owners who are looking for low calories, nutrient-rich and is an excellent reward treat for dogs in training. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Made with 98% raw, grass-fed beef, organs, and ground bones free of hormones or antibiotics together with pumpkin and fenugreek seeds
  • Each nugget contains 2.6 calories which makes it low in calories and is ideal everyday reward treats for dogs in training
  • No gluten, grains, potato, added antibiotics,  hormones, fillers, or other added artificial ingredients or flavor

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Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats Tundra

Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats Tundra is the dog treats packed with nutrients and is a protein-dense choice. It has all the flavor, aroma, and goodness that will definitely delight your dog. Unlike how most other treats are, this dog treat provides the benefits from the combination of regional meats, poultry, and fish that is needed for your dog’s natural and biological needs. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Has a variety of goodness since it is a combination of goat meat, wild boar, ranch-raised venison, grass-fed lamb, wild-caught mackerel, and free-run duck all in one
  • 100% all-natural meats in the ideal ratio of meat, organs, and cartilage
  • No artificial preservatives
  • An excellent choice for all life stages

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