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Solution to a Sleepy Dog 

Dogs have a variety of oddball behaviors, some cute and some not so much. “Dogs will be dogs,” but is it normal for my dog to sleep this much? Let’s look at the statistics. Dog Sleep Habits Especially for new owners, it may be surprising…


Dog diet supplements: are they safe? 

We all as humans have made it quite a habit of taking regular supplements; whether for a particular condition we’re dealing with or just our overall nutrition. But what about our canine friends? Are dog diet supplements effective, necessary, and is there risk involved? Dog…


Bananas: a Dog superfood 

Some readers had the question of whether or not bananas were something dogs could eat. In addition to being the perfect size for your dog’s muzzle, they’re an excellent treat and great source of potassium, fiber, and magnesium for your dog. Bananas are one of…


[Video] Teach your dog to jump! 

In this week’s highlight, we wanted to showcase a simple dog trick. If you’ve gotten to the point where your dog is able to sit, you’re halfway there already. Stand on the leash and entertain your dog as he patiently sits. Wave socks or another…


CBD Oil for Dogs 

CBD Oil from the hemp plant has recently been seeing an explosion in popularity. It’s purported to have cognitive benefits while avoiding the negative and addictive properties of marijuana. Furthermore, the product is no longer limited to humans but is now being adapted for use…


Teach your Dog Scent Detection 

This won’t work with every breed, but scent detection is a great and useful trick that is surprisingly simple to train a dog in. In this video, dog trainer Robert Cabral shares his tips for accelerating your dog’s ability in this ancient technique. Source: