Recycle a couple of your t-shirts to create this great toy for your dog in just a few simple steps.

how to make a t shirt dog toy

1. Use scissors

Cut slits about 2-3″ width apart at the base of your t-shirts. After cutting, rip along the slits to lengthen the slit in preparation for the next step.

how to make a t shirt dog toy

2. Tie and braid

Tie off one and of the strips, then divide the strips into thirds and begin to braid. Once you reach the end, tie the bottom and cut off any extra length.

how to make a t shirt dog toy

3. Enjoy the new dog toy

Voila! Now you have your very own t-shirt rope for your dog to tug-of-war with. It’s surprisingly durable, and more than comparable to anything you’d buy at the store.

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These instructions were based on an article in Bark Post. See all steps along with the final product here: