It is quite challenging to feed or give your pet something, especially if they’re just starting to grow. Whether they enjoy soft or hard food, puppies can never be picky with what they chew or what they eat (unless it’s a healthy vegetable, they won’t probably bother).

Feeding the puppies can be quite tedious. Not because it’s kind of a hassle for dog owners to provide them multiple times a day, but because of whether or not it’s safe to feed them anything other than dog food. 

Some owners may not have the luxury of buying them good quality dog food, and some puppies don’t like dog foods that come in plastic packs. Owners should also be aware of what kind of treat they are giving these adorable puppies. These treats can be detrimental to them.

Other than sweeteners like chocolate or candy, many different foods and treats that puppies should not ingest, especially when they are just a week or months old. Owners should not take on whether to feed them a turkey leg or foods enriched with additives.

Here are some of the foods and treats that owners should look out for when feeding their precious little puppies. It can be quite enticing when they plead for whatever you’re eating, but owners should know what dangers it might give.

Cocoa products (Theobromine)

The first one in our list is, of course, cocoa products or chocolate in layman’s terms. Owners should avoid letting them eat cocoa products as it is poisonous for them. Yes, they can eat them, but their body system will never accept it. Chocolate contains a chemical compound that seems safe for humans to digest but dangerous when puppies try them.

The theobromine content is a very troubling compound that puppies cannot fully digest. It is said that puppies can never metabolize the compound effectively, therefore harming their bodies in the long run. There are tons of medical problems that the puppies might encounter when eating even the smallest amount of chocolate.

Even tea extracts might induce vomiting or diarrhea among dogs, and owners can most likely tell if their pet puppies feel sick or under the weather. If puppies were to digest at least 10-20 pounds of Theobromine-enriched foods, the chances are that the puppy might suffer from seizures, irregular heartbeat, and even a heart attack.

Baked Goods (Xylitol)

Baked goods, candy, gum, and even toothpaste can generally harm your puppies, mainly when they accidentally digest them. It can be a given, though, not to let your puppies eat sweetened products. This time, the mentioned products above can be caused by another harmful content known as Xylitol.

Xylitol is generally harmful to puppies because it may induce hypoglycemia (sound ironic). Giving puppies even the smallest amount of these foods might affect their blood sugar levels. If the blood sugar levels are low, puppies might suffer from fatal seizures due to Xylitol. The puppy’s liver might also be affected and may result in irregularities.

Onions and Garlic (N-propyl disulfide)

It would probably be best for owners not to feed their puppies some home-cooked leftovers, mainly when it contains many onions and garlic. But owners should take note that most Allium plants like onions and garlic are generally toxic for dogs.

Foods mixed with Allium plants like leeks, scallions, chives, and shallots might be troubling for the puppy’s body to accidentally eat these Allium plants, the harmful N-propyl disulfide present among these plants can be quite dangerous for dogs. This time their red blood cells might be exposed, generally damaging, and might not carry enough oxygen all over their bloodstream.

The N-propyl disulfide may also cause anemia for dogs, so owners should probably lay off the allium plants. It’s not like they are going to enjoy these nasty tasting plants, right?

Avocados (Persin)

Avocados are generally healthy for humans to digest. But when it comes to puppies, they can never be served as a treat. Owners should also avoid the leaves, fruit, seeds, and even the bark of the avocado. These organic foods contain persin. 

Persin is an oil-soluble compound that can be dangerous for dogs to digest. The toxins of Persin might quickly enter the puppy system, causing them to have digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea. The fruit’s seeds may also be troubling for the puppy’s digestive lining, causing severe obstruction in their intestines or stomach. 

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are quite a good staple food among humans. They are most often incorporated on cookies and trail mix. But a portion of the nuts can be dangerous among animals, especially puppies. Macadamia nuts are naturally fatty food. Puppies who might accidentally ingest these nuts might cause an inflammation of the pancreas.

Pancreatitis is a severe case among dogs. This may cause different symptoms that might affect the dog’s overall condition, such as shaking, vomiting, weakness, and a high temperature. If taken in large amounts, the puppy might be in a terrible situation that might cause death. 

Bones and Left-over

While it seems natural for owners to give their puppies a treat like a dog bone, or left-over meat products (cooked or uncooked), it might put the puppy’s life at risk. Fat trimmings might cause minor to significant digestive problems hours after their intake. Not only that, puppies who are continuously fed with bones or left-over fat trimmings might cause pancreatitis for dogs.

Bones can also obstruct the internal organs in their body, including their mouth, stomach, and digestive tract. Bones might be a troubling treat to nibble on, significantly if it can induce choking. Additionally, bones can also splinter and might internally damage the body’s digestive system, which might cause internal wounds or bleeding. 

Raw Meat and Fish

The following foods might already be a given trait, but puppies or dogs can be quite adventures towards the food they eat. But just like any human being, raw meat and fish are quite dangerous to their health. The raw meat and fish might have live bacteria that will upset the puppy’s body system that might cause food poisoning.

Feeding dogs with raw fish such as trout, shed, salmon or sturgeon can cause parasitic effects towards the puppy, which may cause “fish diseases” or “salmon poisoning disease.”

Salty Foods and Products

It is not okay to feed puppies with foods that are enriched with iodine. This includes flavoured chips and pretzels. These salty foods may cause dehydration among dogs, especially when taken in large amounts.

Other than that, food enriched in iodine might trouble the puppies and cause serious diseases such as diarrhoea, seizures, and ion-induced poisoning. Owners should think twice when sharing their fries with their cute little puppies.

Grapes and Raisins 

Owners should also avoid grapes and raisins as a treat for their puppies. While the toxic compound surrounding the grapes and raisins is relatively unknown, these foods will most likely give the puppies kidney failures. Just a small piece might already be damaging to dogs, so don’t let them meddle with grapes and raisins. 

What to do when Puppies Accidentally Eat Something Bad

Dog owners should not worry too much when their precious pets accidentally ingest something terrible. It might take minutes or even hours for the toxic compounds to carry into effect. And owners might easily observe the dog’s behavior when exposed to foods that should not be eaten.

The most probable cause for owners to do when their puppies accidentally eat something terrible is immediately taking them to the vet. Animal clinics can also assist you if the puppy is having troubles with their body system that might cause serious problems. The best course of action for owners to do is to consult a professional veterinarian immediately.