Are you considering adopting a puppy? If so, you need to be prepared. That means finding out more about the breed you are interested in adopting. Doing so will help you make the transition easier, and will help your pup adapt better to its surroundings.

Like humans, puppies need training to learn and grow. There are lots of tricks you can teach your dog, but first it needs to learn the basics. Puppy training can be comprehensive, as it includes puppy potty training and teaching basic dog commands. Therefore, you need to know what to expect before you welcome a new pup into your household.

Puppies are natural rebels

Training Your New Puppy

In some cases, you may need to rely on professional dog obedience training so you can bond easier with your pet. For example, one of the most difficult dogs to train is the Bassett Hound. While this dog can melt you heart, it certainly can cause some frustration when it comes to training. In fact, some Bassett owners admit that their dog’s puppy potty training took over six months.

While the Bassett is not a dumb dog, it can be stubborn when it comes to instruction. Therefore, you need to exert a good deal of patience with this lovable but strong-minded breed. In addition, keep in mind that the people-loving Bassett is a sensitive dog. Therefore, you need to tread lightly but firmly when teaching it to go outside, or when issuing basic commands.

If you can train a Bassett successfully, you can use the same instructional methods on easier-to-train breeds as well. Let’s begin with puppy potty training – a dog obedience training method that takes both patience and perseverance.

That face…

Establish Yourself as the Leader

To make your dog understand, regardless of the breed, let it know that you are the Alpha dog, or the leader of the pack. The most difficult part involved in puppy potting training is to clean up accidental messes and taking your dog outside – something that will be occurring every day for a long, long time.

How to Avoid Accidents

The best way to avoid accidents is to note your dog’s actions. If it sniffs or scratches at the door or floor, it needs to go outside. It may even lift its leg or squat if you totally ignore its “pleas.”

What You Will Need

You will need to buy a leash to take your pup outside as well as a crate – useful if you cannot watch your pup, or must run an errand. Make sure you have ample treats to serve as rewards. Don’t forget the cleaning supplies as well, as accidents will and do happen. An enzymatic cleaner will remove any lingering odors.

“Bad puppy!”

The Basic Say “No!” Method

If you see your pup getting ready to potty inside, say “No!” in a firm voice. Don’t say it angrily. Just let your dog know that it cannot go inside. Immediately take puppy to its designated bathroom outside. In fact, it is important to select a specific spot where your dog should go each day. Also, don’t take your dog inside right after it takes care of its business. Spend at least 30 minutes outside exercising your puppy.

If you want to entice your dog to go outside to potty, walk your dog after it gets done going. That way, your pup will want to go outside, as knows it can also explore. Dogs love to exercise, especially pups, who want to learn more about their new surroundings.

Sad puppy.

Dogs that are Easier to Train

While you need to exhibit more patience with some breeds, some dog breeds catch on almost immediately. Dogs, such as the German shepherd, the Doberman Pinscher, and the Poodle fall under this category. Teaching these dogs a basic command can be done in under 20 attempts.

Although dog obedience training may take longer for some dogs, all dogs can be taught basic commands, such as sitting, heeling, and lying down. In fact, after you initiate puppy potty training, you should focus on the basic dog commands next, especially lying down. (Great resource: Pawp’s list of 6 Essential Dog Commands!)

When you teach a dog to lie down, it is less likely to bark at people in public. Therefore, you can take care of any barking issues almost immediately. After all, it is difficult to bark, snarl, or growl while lying completely flat. Therefore, this part of your puppy’s training can take care of future obedience issues as well.

Be the Alpha Dog

Be the Alpha in your house when you adopt your new pet. Be firm but kind as well as patient and understanding. To get good results, stick to the training schedule – make allowances, be observant, and reward your pup when it does what you want it to do.