Dogs have a variety of oddball behaviors, some cute and some not so much. “Dogs will be dogs,” but is it normal for my dog to sleep this much? Let’s look at the statistics.

Dog Sleep Habits

Especially for new owners, it may be surprising to find out how much dogs sleep. There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to sleep time including breed, diet, dog nutrition and exercise; but the average dog sleeps from 12-14 hours a day, including both overnight and daytime naps. Puppies sleep even longer at 18-20 hours a day until they’re about 3 months old. Finally, as dogs reach an older age they’ll also begin to sleep more.

Dogs and Sleep Patterns

Dogs need sleep to remain healthy, and have all the same sleep phases as humans. They need sleep to restore tissue, strengthen their immune system, and ease their stress. However, the main difference between us and dogs is that dogs can have a much more varied sleep pattern in terms of sleeping times (although some humans are like this as well. Like us, they can become sleep-deprived.

Every dog has his cranky day just like we do, but if he exhibits more concerning behaviors like crying, whining, disorientation, aggression, or other things then you may want to be especially careful.

Rest for your Dog

Regardless, we want to make sure our dog is getting enough sleep. If your dog lacks in exercise, is experiencing pain from an injury or illness, or has a reason for anxiety these can all be legitimate reasons for dog sleep deprivation. If you feel your dog is suffering from any of these disorders, it’s best to seek out professional advice. Speak with your veterinarian or schedule an appointment for advice.