The treat used can make or break your dog’s training session. Dog training treats can either help your dog focus more or distract them. 

But with the neverending options available, fur parents find it hard to choose the ‘perfect’ treats for their dogs. It’s not rocket science, though. It is simply deciding what your dog loves best! 

Aside from ingredients, you need to know how to “classify” and use these dog training treats to get the best out of each training session. 

Here are a few benefits of knowing how to categorize your dog training treats: 

  • You can train new behaviors faster
  • Your dog’s more focused 
  • Your dog won’t get tired of the same treat
  • You can control your dog’s calorie intake

High-Value Treats vs. Low-Value Treats

High-value and low-value treats do not mean the prices you bought the treats for, but the “worth” your dog places on them. 

And you must find out which treats your dog finds more valuable to make training sessions more manageable and effective. 

High-value treats differ for every dog. While it’s easier to assume that yummy and savory treats are your dog’s favorite, some prefer dry and bland goodies. 

High-value treats are treats your dog doesn’t often get. You don’t always give these delicious delicacies to your dog, especially outside of training sessions. You give this to your pup when they display A+++ behavior. 

Low-value treats are your dog’s usual food. What’s great about these treats is that they are low-calorie compared to high-value ones. These are also dry and crunchy. 

How to choose the best dog training treats

Pick small treats. Smaller treats are ideal for dog training because of health concerns. As you train, you are rewarding your dog but picking bigger and heavier treats means you are quickly filling them. This results in weight gain and high-calorie intake. 

Easy to swallow treats. Chewy treats slow down the training. You need to wait for your dog to finish eating before continuing, disrupting the training session. Always pick soft and small treats that are easier to swallow. 

Healthy and nutritious. Anything you feed your dog needs to be healthy and nutritious. So, always aim for treats made with all-natural ingredients and USDA-inspected. In addition, reduce regular meal size if you give him lots of goodies. 

The Best Dog Training Treats of 2022

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Treats

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Treats has a strong, appealing scent that your dog will surely love. It’s available in different flavors, including chicken that is most enticing to pooches. They are small and are ideal for training sessions, and are USA-made with healthy ingredients. It contains less than 3 calories a treat and has no artificial flavors or colors. 

Best Dog Training Treats

Lick You Silly Savory Beef Bites

The Lick You Silly Savory Beet Bites is the perfect treat if you want to spoil your dog. The product is available in USDA-inspected beef and chicken flavors. It is a protein treat and contains about 4 calories per bite. Since it is a single-ingredient recipe, it is ideal for dogs with allergies.

And get this. The manufacturer donates a percent of the sales to animal shelters. 

Best Dog Training Treats

BIXBI Pocket Trainers

All training treats should be small, and training a tiny pooch means you need a smaller treat. And the BIXBI Pocket Trainers is an excellent treat just for that. It is sweetened with real maple syrup and contains no preservatives, flavor, or colors. It has less than 4 per treat so that you can feed your tiny dog with no guilt. It is also available in 4 flavors: bacon, chicken, peanut butter, and salmon. 

Full Moon Organic Training Treats

The Full Moon Organix Training Treats are grain-free treats that are perfectly snack-sized. It is made with cage-free poultry and sweetened with real organic cane sugar. It also contains flaxseed, an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, and has less than 3 calories per treat. 

Merrick Power Bites

Merrick Power Bites are small treats that contain big protein-rich ingredients with real meat as its first ingredient and anti-oxidant-rich fruits for added nutrition. It is available in 5 different flavors, so your dog surely won’t get bored and is free of corn, soy, wheat, and grains.