Most people think that raw dog food is pretty much the same as eating raw meat. Yet there is more to raw dog food than just raw meat. It is the philosophy of feeding a dog the manner that their ancestors ate. The very fact that they are anatomically made to eat a diet of food based on what their ancestors fed themselves.

Benefits of raw dog food

So how exactly is feeding raw dog food beneficial? Well, there are several reasons. For starters, by feeding a dog a diet based on raw foods they will be much healthier. This of course has to do with a dog’s natural ability to heal. However, it also has to do with the digestion process that these dogs have. As you may know, dogs have shorter digestive tracts than we do.

Dogs can only move their tongues at a maximum of about sixty miles per hour. While this may not seem like a lot of time it is a critical point in the digestive system. These dogs are not going to be able to take in a large amount of food at one time. It is because of this short time frame that dogs often experience indigestion, bloating, and diarrhea.

How to improve your dog’s raw dog food diet

So if you are looking for a good healthy diet for your dog, I would highly recommend a raw diet based on raw meat and vegetables. You should see dramatic results in your dog’s health within just a few weeks. Another benefit is their coats. Raw dog food diets help keep the coats shiny and healthy. Raw dog food can also help them have improved dental health, as well as increased energy and letting off smaller stools. Plus you will notice an increase in their barking and general demeanor when they are on a diet based on raw meat and vegetables.

Many people believe that cooked meats contain too much protein. This is simply untrue. Cooking can destroy the vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs. When a dog is on a raw dog food diet, they receive all of the vitamins and nutrients that they would if they were eating the same type of food that humans eat. There are no vitamins or nutrients lost as a result of cooking.

Detriments in having a raw dog food diet

One of the most common complaints about raw dog food diets is that they cause diarrhea. This is not always the case. Dehydration can occur when a dog is vomiting but in most cases, this does not happen. If your dog is dehydrated it may become more prone to infections. This is especially true in older dogs that may not be drinking enough water. It is always advised to approach this type of dog diet meticulously, and also to let puppies eat cooked food rather than raw dog food. 

It is not uncommon for a dog to develop allergies after being on a raw dog food diet for a period of time. You will need to carefully monitor what your dog eats during this time. The ideal diet is one that is rich in protein and includes plenty of fiber. You should avoid any foods that have wheat or corn. These will cause an adverse reaction and your dog could become very sick.

There is some controversy about the actual effectiveness of raw dog food in the long term. Many people believe that the diet promotes slow digestion and can actually encourage cancer in dogs. However, there is no proof to back up these claims. As long as you feed your dog commercial food it will help them to get plenty of nutrients and help prevent many diseases.

The American Veterinary Medical Association has also gone on record to state that they discourage the unregulated feeding of raw foods to common household pets such as cats and dogs. 

What to take note of 

Always start off by going to a veterinarian, particularly those who have experience in raw dog food diet as they will guide you as to how you should go about implementing this into your dog’s diet. If you choose to feed your dog raw dog food, you will want to make sure to go easy on the supplements.

Many commercial foods contain vitamins that are harmful to dogs. You should only give them vitamins that come from natural sources. To get the best results you should also look for a good dog supplement. Most of these supplements contain antioxidants and other nutrients that will help your dog to recover faster.

Many dogs are more susceptible to disease if they are not getting enough exercise so the right supplements can really help them out.

Another thing to take note of is Kibble or dry food. This is fed to your dog in order to make them meet their daily nutritional needs, be sure to research the brand that you will buy as they may vary in ingredients. 

Many people think that the temperature at which raw dog food is prepared is important. It is, but it is not the deciding factor. If you find that your dog is not thriving, you may simply cook some of the food yourself. Just remember to make sure that you are cooking it at the correct temperature. 

If you love your dog and want to help him through his old age, you can feed him raw dog food. There is no need to give him table scraps or other unnatural foods that are harmful to him. He will be much happier if he is able to eat his own food.

There are many benefits of feeding your dog this way including keeping him away from disease. You will also be providing him with plenty to enjoy in his old age and this is always a bonus.